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Website site speed, google is using that data

How Fast is Your Website? Google knows…

How fast is your website? In the next year or two, this is going to be a hot topic. Why? Because Google is now using site speed as a ranking indicator. Beyond Google results being affected, visitors to a website are less likely to stay on a longer loading page. After 3 seconds, approximately 40% of your […]

Steve Jobs Apple Computers

11 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Apple

1. Apple sold 411,000 iPhones per day in 2013. That’s right, 150 million iPhones were sold in the year making an astounding 411,000 on average sold per day. If you really want to get technical, Apple sold 17,123 iPhones per hour in 2013 or 258 iPhones sold on average per minute. That is a lot of iPhones. 2. […]